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Exhibitors at the trade fairs organized by NürnbergMesse Brasil rely on a series of services and actions to increase your visibility in the market.
  • The following services are offered free of charge in order to promote the fair and the exhibitors:
  • Joint work with the press relations team to promote the trade fair through the main sector´s media vehicles.
  • Partnership with national and international printed media vehicles to promote the event in several countries.
  • Partnership with sector´s trade associations to promote the event to the professionals from the area.
  • Qualified pool of visitors.
  • Constant marketing email blasts to promote the trade fair in Brazil and abroad.
  • Production of a newsletter (printed and electronic) to show the exhibitors´ launches.
  • Production of the official catalogue (printed) with general information about each exhibitor so that visitors can contact them whenever they please.
  • Space to promote the exhibitors´ press releases on the event´s website. The collected press releases are used to produce the material that will be handed over to the sector´s journalists.
  • A post-event report with the main information on the event edition in question aiming for a survey of the visitors, exhibitors and the related media.
  • A Space to place press releases in the trade fair´s Official Press Room, which welcomes journalists from many of the sector´s media vehicles.
  • Photographs and videos available on the fair´s website (post-event) to show visitors, exhibitors and the media involved.
  • Communication tools provided. In order to verify prices, please contact the commercial department. Opportunities to place advertisements in the advertising newsletter sent to the visitors prior to the time the fair is held:
  • Space for advertisement in the official catalogue, considered to be a mandatory reference material for all visitors during and after the event.
  • Many options and materials available in the Merchandising Manual to maximize visitor participation potential before, during and after the event.
  • Event´s sponsorship options which guarantee a direct contact of the sponsor´s brand name, with a qualified visiting public.
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The Powtech reaches to promote an area of concern to provide content exchange, presentation of new ideas, products and services and brand promotion. The project will present content, trends and what is most current in 'Solutions for fine particles and dry solids' and its various applications to the public of delegates and fair visitors.

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